About Us

Our Mission

The core aim of POLITICS-UK is to create a people’s parliament in cyberspace where everyone can have their say on the political issues that concern us all. 


Who can get involved…

Absolutely anyone with an interest in UK Politics can register and contribute on the POLITICS-UK Social Media platform, regardless of their own political allegiance. We welcome people with opposing opinions as that is how we all learn from each other. You will never learn anything new from those who simply agree with what you say.

To register you simply give your real name and email address and once you have logged in you can set your display name to anything you want. All we ask is that you respect other peoples opinions in the same way that you would like others to respect yours. Politics-UK is a place for reasoned debates, evidenced with facts, it is not a place to vent anger at others who simply do not agree with you and in the same way as anyone would be asked to leave a public meeting if they became abusive to others, constant offenders will be removed from POLITICS-UK

So how does it all work?

Well POLITICS-UK is a social media platform designed for political debates on issues here in the UK. A place where anyone from any political allegiance can debate with others about anything they want. Unlike in parliament where the speaker allows you to have your say you can input your own point of view at any time that is convenient to you. No more sitting in a cold meeting room with your arm in the air, waiting for a chance to have your say, the hub is open 24/7 365 days a year and once you have registered you can voice your own opinions at any time you chose.

Registration is simple, click the register button and input your name and email address and an automated registration link will be sent to you and that will allow you to set your own login details. However, if you have not received a response within two hours of registering please check your ‘Junk Folder’, as it is an automated response with a link, some email clients flag it as spam. If it is in your junk folder then please ensure to add the email address to your safe sender’s list.  

Once you have successfully registered and logged in simply enjoy. As it is a different kind of social media platform, unlike Facebook, Twitter etc it may take some people a little time to navigate around it but there are guides and a support section for anyone who is having problems and we do welcome any ideas on how we can improve things on POLITICS-UK

About Us

One of the main problems with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc is that topics quickly disappear as new topics are started, so we have a different way of doing things. 

Debatable topics, for example, Climate Change or Brexit are given their own spaces and people can then enter and contribute to the spaces that interest them the most and ignore the ones that do not. This way each debate topic remains an active space that people can input their own opinions too, at any given time. 

As it is different it may take a little time to get used to but as with everything in life, once you know how to do something it is very easy and the responses we have had so far, shows that people like the format we have used.


Do you write your own political blogs? If so and would like to have your blog debated on POLITICS-UK then use the contact form to send us your blog and we will add it to the site, alternatively email info@politics-uk.co.uk