Polls are generally a good way to judge public opinion on things though lately, major polling companies seem to have a tendency to add weighted questions to their polls to help achieve the results they want and also seem to be somewhat selective on who they ask to answer those questions. 

According to most of the Polls run during the EU referendum campaign Remain had it in the bag, however, when the result came in Leave won. The polls we put here on the POLITICS-UK website can be misleading as well because those with the know-how can actually vote numerous times but the polls we run on the Hub are strictly one person, one vote so will give a much clearer picture of the opinions of those that take part.

We have added some polls here on the website to wet peoples appetites and it will also be interesting to compare the results here on the website with the results of the same polls on the Hub. Please use the Social Media share buttons to invite friends and family to take part in these polls.

If you would like us to run a specific poll then send us a request using the contact page and we will set it up for you. 

Sample Polls open to all These polls are duplicated on the Politics-UK Hub

These Polls are duplicated on POLITICS-UK social media platform and then debated fully with the opportunity to changes ones vote as evidence is shown in those debates.